Tafelhalle – Nürnberg

Donnerstag, 8.3.2018


Haberkasten, Mühldorf/Inn

Freitag, 9.3.2018


Bürgerhäuser Dreieich

Samstag, 10.3.2018


Akkordeonfestival – Wien

Sonntag, 11.3.2018

SVÄNG has clearly set new standards when it comes to concerted music on the harmonica – both in terms of repertoire as well as technique. Now we are releasing our fifth album “KARJA-LA” with the German label Galileo. The master piece doesn’t only include tunes derived from traditional finnish folk music and balkan rhythms, but also features elements making reference to Sibelius, Merikanto and other national romantic composers. The new album is perhaps a bit darker and more personal than the previous ones. The rhythmical fireworks which has become a Sväng signature is still present.

In general Sväng stretch their repertoire undogmatically wide and invite their audience to an extraordinary journey of sounds: a free-spirited, sensual and vital mix of music, which has been honored with the attribute of the „harmonica equivalent of the Kronos-Quartet“. Contemporary harmonica music, which is certainly unprecedented in terms of compactness and virtuosity.

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