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Finnish Tango and Culture Festival

Under the patronage of Aki Kaurismäki

FINtango is the first and only Finnish tango festival in Germany. It is already taking place since 2013. Starting in Hamburg, it is now moving across the German-speaking area. FINtango festivals attach importance to individuality, time for their own feelings – time for nature in humans – this is what Tango texts and the Polka-like tango rhythm are all about.

FINtango is characterized by a cozy, cheerful and heart-calming atmosphere: everyone can do what they want; to be as he is. Finnish tango dance is also easy to learn. The sauna feeling and to get in finnish. You can dance – or let dance – the main thing: Cozy!

Upcoming events

F’Ntango spring festival is back in Lutterbeker on the baltic sea, with music by Uusikuu, dance courses by Leena&Mika, Sauna, exhibition and culinary delights.

Tuesday, 22-10-2019

FINtango and the ctf, that´s a lovely tradition. Thanks to everyone for this wonderful event, once again this year! Saturday 24.8.2019, 15-18h Berlin central

Saturday, 24-08-2019

FINtango at the imf: Magic of the Finnish Tango TIMO VALTONEN  & TANGON TAIKAA 20h concert Tangon Taikaa International Music Festival – Classics for

Monday, 14-09-2019

The city of Hof celebrates 50 years of partnership with the city of Joensuu in Finland in the beautiful Villa Theresienstein. And FINtango runs
Hello friends of Finnish Tango,Lavatanssit – the monthly FINtango evening in Kölibri (Hamburg St.Pauli) for dancing, listening and feeling the Finnish way time: saturday
WOMEX19 23.-27.10.2019 Tampere congress Hall / Tampere Talo Stand 3.25 2019 is a great year for Finnish Tango: WOMEX, the biggest world music fair,
Hello friends of finnish tango! Lavatanssit – the monthly FINtango evening in Kölibri (Hamburg St.Pauli)for dancing, listening and feeling the finnish way. This time,
Thank you for this wonderful festivity and a euphoric audience!Below, you can see a few pictures! FINtango was once again part of this lovely
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