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Food delights body and soul! Not only the association “friends of FINtango” supplies us with a variety of home-made finnish specialties. Here´s a selection:

Rantakala – the finnish beach fish fest
Fish soup is prepared on the beach over open fire

“Rantakala is a joyful celebration, happening on all beaches. We meet up with friends to eat the freshly caught fish, that is cooked right on the beach in big cauldrons over open fire.

We sing and we dance.”

Lohi (flamed salmon): the salmon is roasted in whole sides on open fire. It is eaten with bread and a sauce of herbs and creme fraiche.

Piroggi: Finnish piroggi are a bread-like snack. With hearty toppings like salmon or traditionally with eggbutter they are a real treat.

Korvapuusti: The name of this small delicacy literally translates to “slap in the face”, but the cinnamon rolls are the preferred sweet snack on Helsinki street markets.

Voileipäkakku (rye bread cake, layered and decorated) with fish:
rye bread, Salmon, smoked trout, cream cheese, dill, boiled egg

Voileipäkakku (rye bread cake, layered and decorated) vegetarian:
rye bread, vegetables, cream cheese, creme fraiche, herbs

Voileipäkakku (rye bread cake, layered and decorated) with ham:
rye bread, ham, cream cheese, dill, wild chives

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