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“more than 100 years of finnish Tango”

The centenary exhibition “100 years of finnish tango 1913-2013” has been supplemented. It informs about the unique connotations of finnish tango and how this country of 1000 lakes came to be the world´s second largest tango nation.
The exhibition was composed by Maarit Niiniluoto, the grande dame of finnish tango, with support of Kalevo Kärki, son of Finlands most famous tango composer Toivo Kärki. Both of them have been active companions and documentarists of the colourful and ilustrous finnish tango scene for many years.
Part of the exhibition reflects on the work of composer Toivo Kärki (1915 – 1992). More than 300 recordings of his famous tangos have been listed.
Center piece of the exhibit are the beautiful black and white photographs of Reijo Porkka, depicting traditional dance venues of the 1970s. Porkka has been awarded the finnish and british national award for photography.

The exhibition “more than 100 years of finnish tango” shows how and why Finland has become the world´s second largest tango nation. Concept by Maarit Niiniluoto/Kalervo Kärki/Timo Valtonen/Peijo Porkka


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