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Dance classes & finnish tango

Dance classes always are an integral part of FINtango events.
They offer the possibility to feel the music with your body and share this sentiment with others.

In the experience of visitors and participants of FINtango festivals, the finnish Tango is more easy-going and quicker to learn than its argentinian counterpart.

All are welcome: the old and the young, in fancy dress or streetwear, high heels or rubber boots, sporty or not so – anyone can dance the finnish tango – it is a “tango to go”. This is the credo for our dance teachers, who inspire to move with feeling.

FINtango dance teachers :

Leena Erholz and Mika Lustig met one summer evening, at a “Lavatanssit”, a typical open-air dancefloor by a lake. Mika asked Leena for a dance. Ever since, they not only share their passion for dance, but share their lives too. They teach student groups and give classes in their local Kuopio (central Finland) and are representatives of the leading finnish association for ballroom dancing (SUSEL) at FINtango. It must be several thousands now who started to dance with the help of Leena and Mika.

Silvia and Torsten are dance teachers from North-Rhine Westfalia. They love Finland, they love tango – the reasult is obviously inspiring.

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