October 22, 2019

F’Ntango spring festival is back in Lutterbeker on the baltic sea,
with music by Uusikuu, dance courses by Leena&Mika, Sauna, exhibition and culinary delights.

Sunday 09.06.2019 (pentecost), 17-24h

Once again, it was a very special time!

Some photos to the right:


from 17h sauna, exhibition, finnish food specials

18-19 dance class I (Leena&Mika)

19-20h dance class II (Leena&Mika)

21h concert Uusikuu

For the past 20 years Laura Ryhänen and her band Uusikuu (“New Moon”) have been touring europe with their traditional finnish dance music.
“Uusikuu revisits the haunting and melancholy Finnish rhythms and melodies from golden era of Finnish tango from the 1930s to the 1960s, the glowing voice of Laura Ryhänen acting as a tour guide to a journey through time into a uniquely Finnish world. Uusikuu’s repertoire does not include only tangos, but also fun and fast humppas, dreamy waltzes, and sleek and sophisticated slow foxtrots and swing numbers that will bring a smile to your face.”

October 22, 2019
start 17h
concert : 18€
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