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Finnish Tango and Culture Festival

Under the patronage of Aki Kaurismäki


Radio :

Tangomania -Sendung stellte das FINtango -Festival mit drei Musikstücken und umfangreichen Bericht dar – (2015)

Video :

TV Documentary about FINtango 2013 by Tarja Kühne, 22 min.

Music video from Tangon Taikaa with extracts from many  FINtango events, 2018, 4min

Television Broadcast : first FINtango Festival in Hamburg (2013)

Television Broadcast : first FINtango Festival in Hamburg (2013)

NDR Hallo Niedersachsen – FINtango Lüneburg  (26.05.2015)

News from NDR Hamburg Journal (25.05.2015)

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