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Finnish Tango and Culture Festival

Under the patronage of Aki Kaurismäki


Sauna is probably the most important ingredient for real finnish happiness!

Our suggestion for FINtango festivalgoers: Start out by ridding yourself of the worldly troubles by sweating it out in the original wood-fired finnish sauna. Then have a drink of birch water or finnish beer. The soundtrack is supplied by our DJs and lets you wallow in eerily comforting rythmic melodies. Forget the mundane for a while, just to sit like a happy owl perched on the shore of a finnish lake – and chill. It´s time for emotion!

We usually supply towels, but you´re welcome to bring your own.

FINtango Festival is as well...


all bands that participated in FINtango festivals


a photo exhibition about
the history of finnish tango


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